Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Couric consulted Obama advisor before Palin interview

Is this a scandal?

HT/Weasel Zippers

UPDATE: Conde Nast has pulled the article down, but I copied the original below.

Katie's Little Helpers: How Couric Prepped for Palin
At Quadrangle's Foursquare conference today, Portfolio's own Matt Cooper interviewed Katie Couric, Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos about covering the presidential campaign that was. Matt says he's sworn to secrecy, and you know I wasn't invited, but one person who was there says it was a lively discussion, with Williams teasing Couric about all the attention she got for her campaign-narrative-altering interviews of Sarah Palin.

Couric shed some light on her preparation for the interviews: Beforehand, she sought advice from former senator Sam Nunn and Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas. They told her to draw Palin out on her geopolitical worldview and urged her to let the governor speak at length without interrupting her. Maybe she should bring them along with her when she takes over at Meet the Press?

Who is Sam Nunn?

He's a Democrat who joined Obama's foreign policy team in April, five months before Couric interviewed Palin.

Sam Nunn lines up behind Barack Obama as best equipped to stop political ‘demonizing, dumbing down’
Friday, April 18, 2008, 12:25 PM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Former Georgia senator Sam Nunn, who toyed with the concept of a non-partisan run for president last year, has come down on the side of Barack Obama in the Democratic race for president.

The former senator, considered one of the nation’s preeminent experts on U.S. defense, met with Obama’s foreign policy team this morning.

In a just released statement, Nunn said Obama “will have the sound judgment to put together an outstanding governing team, bringing people together across old boundaries.”

My own role in this campaign will be as an advisor - particularly in the field of national security and foreign policy,” Nunn said.

Though not a superdelegate to the Democratic National


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