Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ezra Levant has some questions

In his latest blog posting, Ezra Levant is putting pressure on his former political allies and listing a number of questions the opposition Liberals should ask Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in question period.

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Justice Minister. One of his staff, Dean Steacy of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, has admitted under oath that, as part of his job, he joined a neo-Nazi website called the "Stormfront", and posted racist remarks there. Can the Minister please explain why taxpayers' dollars are paying someone in his department to join neo-Nazi groups to spread propaganda?

Mr. Speaker, can the Minister tell us: was this a rogue act by a single hate-monger who infiltrated the human rights commission? Or did others at the commission approve of this race-baiting strategy, too? Did the minister himself know? Or did he turn a blind eye to state-sponsored bigotry in his own department?

As I blogged earlier this week, Levant (who I support, btw) is again dreaming in technicolour, just like his wish that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would shut down these commissions.

The Liberals are all about human rights and totally Dhimmified. Although he's not in Ottawa, Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, who worked in former prime minister Jean Chretien's election war rooms, is indicative of this mindset.

In a blog posting for the National Post this week -- the same paper that Ezra comments for -- Kinsella said the following about Levant's publication of the Danish cartoons:

You might not find such things hateful or even hurtful, but many others do. Deeply, truly, honestly.

And, when all is said and done, what Muslims seek from the rest of us is not anything we do not already seek from them. Which is, mainly, a modicum of respect for the things they hold closest to their hearts.

I say they deserve that respect. And, if that makes me a censor, I'll wear that insult with pride.

I would urge Ezra to keep fighting the good fight, but to stop dreaming. The Liberals ain't gonna help him.

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