Monday, January 21, 2008

A Nuclear 9/11 -- Dr. Paul's Payback?

That's just one of the many conspiracy theories in the latest pro-Ron Paul news article appearing in the indy media.

In our brave new post-9/11 world, how long can the Bush League allow such a gadfly to buzz around the body politic? The answer is simple: not long. In fact, Paul and his district are already living on borrowed time. Readers of my recent columns are familiar with my assertion that Ron Paul's congressional district has long been the primary target for the nuclear 9/11, or "9/11-2B." Working with Houston area law enforcement and media, Internet activists in the Houston area have anticipated and interdicted three different 911-2B attempts or rehearsals against BP, the nation's third largest refinery, in Paul's Texas City.

What more fitting Bush League payback could there be for the pain in the ass Ron Paul, a constant critic of the Global War and the Homeland State, than an "Al Qaeda" attack against his district?

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