Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sharia law unavoidable: Archbishop of Canterbury

Jewish tourists being stoned, legalized bigamy, death threats against bishops and now this. What is going on in the UK?

THE adoption of Sharia law in the UK is 'unavoidable', according to the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Dr Williams told BBC Radio 4's World at One that some of the UK's citizens do not relate to the British legal system and that the nation must "face up to that fact".

Muslims should be able to choose whether to have issues like marital disputes or financial matters dealt with in either the existing legal system OR in Sharia-complain proceedings, Dr Williams proposed.

He added Muslims should not have to choose between the "stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty".

But Dr Williams also stated the proposals rely on Sharia law being better understood.

Last month the Bishop of Rochester The Right Reverend Dr Michael Nazir-Ali said non-Muslims may find it hard to live or work in some areas of the UK due to multicultural divides.

He has since received death threats and has been placed under police protection.

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