Monday, February 4, 2008

Video: An interview with the Salman Rushdie of Kurdistan

Mariwan Halabjaee has been called the Salman Rushdie of Kurdistan. As an established writer and prolific intellectual of Iraqi Kurdistan, Halabjaee in 2005 published the book "Sex, Sharia and Women in The History of Islam". Deemed blasphemous by the Kurdistan High Comission for Fatwa, the Islamic League of Kurdistan issued a "conditional" fatwa to kill him if he did not repent and apologize for writing his book. Thus forced to flee his home country, taking three children and a pregnant wife along with him, Mr. Halabjaee was granted asylum in Norway, were he now lives in hiding

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Charles Chapman said...

The allegedly "blasphemous" book by Mariwan Halabjaee is available online with the author's permission at:
Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam

The site also contains information regarding the author, Mariwan Halabjaee,* "the Salman Rushdie of Iraqi Kurdistan."

The book has also been published as two music videos:
Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed (Sex, Sharia remix) music video

Open Season - Stuck Mojo (Sex, Sharia remix) music video

* Mariwan Halabjaee (sp. Marywan / Halabjay, Halabjayee, Halabjaye, Halabjayi)