Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hockey Night in Wasilla

From my grasping at straws file.

The Wall Street Journal has sent a reporter up to Alaska to dig up dirt on VP candidate Sarah Palin and this is the best he could do:

WASILLA, Alaska -- The biggest project that Sarah Palin undertook as mayor of this small town was an indoor sports complex, where locals played hockey, soccer, and basketball, especially during the long, dark Alaskan winters.

The only catch was that the city began building roads and installing utilities for the project before it had unchallenged title to the land. The misstep led to years of litigation and at least $1.3 million in extra costs for a small municipality with a small budget. What was to be Ms. Palin's legacy has turned into a financial mess that continues to plague Wasilla.

So it took 8 days for the WSJ to do a story about a hockey rink in Palin’s town. How long did it take for them to do their first story about the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC)?

Read the whole thing. Bottom line is litigation happens.

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