Friday, February 15, 2008

Did Hamas kill Mughniyeh?

There's been much speculation about the Mossad being involved in the assassination of terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyeh based largely on how the car bomb attack is similar to previous Mossad operations.

Now there are a couple of holes in that theory.

On Friday what surfaced are reports that Palestinians are being held in connection with the police investigation into the targeted hit and that the car bomb was not similar to previous Mossad operations where a magnet is placed underneath a vehicle.

The source said the investigation by Syria, Iran and Hezbollah showed that Mughniyah was killed by a car bomb parked close to his car. It was detonated remotely as he walked past after leaving a building he had been visiting.

Early reports said the bomb had been placed inside Mughniyah's car.

The suspects arrested in connection to the killing have been mostly Palestinians residing in Syria, the Lebanese source said.

So why would Hamas want Mughniyeh dead?

At the American Thinker, Rick Moran puts forward some theories:

The prime suspect is still Israel's Mossaad whose expertise is unquestioned. But the fact that a car bomb was used to kill Mughniyeh may indicate other hands involved, including the Palestinians who have no great love for Hezb'allah and who have been hired out by the Syrians to detonate car bombs in Lebanon to kill anti-Syrian Lebanese in the past.

This time, they may have been operating for themselves - or still other unknown actors including a Hezb'allah faction who wanted to get rid of Mughniyeh for their own reasons.

Also read about Mughniyeh's connection to Iraqi insurgents.

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