Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Liberals hoping the economy tanks

Some Liberal MPs are rubbing their hands and praying to God that Canada's economy goes in the tank.

Reuters reports.

Some in his party are itching for an election, despite polls that show the most likely result would be another minority Conservative government.

"I haven't changed my view. I think the government needs to be brought down as soon as possible," said Liberal legislator Garth Turner.

"There are some of my colleagues who would rather have their kidneys harvested without anesthetic than go to an election, but that's kind of normal I think. In any caucus you're going to find hawks and doves," Turner told reporters.

Others are more cautious, noting that Canada is set to be hit by U.S. woes and that there might be more to be gained by waiting to see how the government handles a domestic slowdown.

"What would we go on?" asked one senior Liberal legislator, saying there would have to be "something egregious" in the budget not to support it.

Yes, what will you go on? It seems the Liberals are so lacking in ideas that their best hope for winning back power is a recession.

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