Friday, February 15, 2008

Mark Steyn blasts Human Rights Commission supporter

Warren Kinsella is a well known Liberal strategist in Canada (think James Carville but not as clever and less likeable), who is also among the strongest supporters of the Canadian Human Rights Commission's hate speech laws.

When he's not threatening to sue conservative Canadian bloggers or making trumped up allegations of racism, Kinsella writes a column for the conservative editorial pages of the National Post as the token liberal. That was until Saturday when Kinsella announced on his blog that he quit because he did not agree with the paper's editorial position on aboriginal rights.

But before Kinsella realized he was working for months at a paper that he considers borderline racist, he was engaged in a back and forth on the human rights commission issue with Ezra Levant, who also had a column in The Post. It some times got heated according to Levant.

Wasn't I surprised to see now that Kinsella today has attracted the sharp pen of Mark Steyn -- the person Dennis Miller says he would hire to play the part of Hannity if he got to cast Hannity and Colmes The Movie.

I don't know Warren Kinsella. I've met him once, briefly, but enjoyed the encounter. . . Nonetheless, the difference between "Canada's James Carville" and the real thing is that Mr Carville isn't wasting his time hunting down minor clerks in the Department of Parking Lots who've made the mistake of sending him a dissenting e-mail, or raging about the sex life of the "Wicked Witch of the West" (which, as a put-down, is barely any better than "douchebag" or "fuck you, loser"), or issuing hollow legal threats to every blogger who can't keep a straight face when his name comes up, or hectoring G7 governments for not leaping into action on the basis of his men's room coffee-table pictorials.

. . .

If I were Warren, I'd take down the shingle for a couple of months, go chill in the woods or, if he prefers, sing punk songs in a bar. But, if he wants to get back in the good graces of the Liberal Party, this seems an odd way to go about it.

Steyn v. Kinsella. Not a fair fight.

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