Saturday, February 2, 2008

Episode missed: Little Mosque on the Prairie should try airing the real stories

Toronto Sun columnist Michael Coren doesn't seem to be a fan of the Dhimmified CBC program Little Mosque on the Prairie.

HT/Different Drummer at LGF.

Late last year I wrote that, "It's the episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie that I missed. The one where the father is so angry with his teenage daughter for not wearing the hijab that he strangles her to death.

"Perhaps it will be in the special features section of the DVD version, released just in time for the holiday that used to be known as Christmas but not any longer because the word might hurt someone's feelings."

I was referring to the grotesque murder of a young woman in Ontario allegedly because she dressed in modern, western clothes and refused to conform to strict Islamic teaching. I was, inevitably, accused of racism and Islamophobia and threatened with murder.
Now I realize I'm missing all sorts of episodes of Little Mosque, because I can't imagine for a moment that such a show is not covering every fascinating aspect of the Canadian Islamic world. Such as the University of Toronto student who, as exposed in a report last week by The National Post, repeatedly has posted on the Internet that Canadian soldiers should be killed in Canada so that they cannot fight in Afghanistan.
"Any and all Western soldiers getting prepared to enter Muslim nations should be legitimate targets by any and all Islamic militants. If there were any planned attacks against Canadian/American soldiers by Muslim militants in Canadian soil, I'll support it," writes Salman Hossain, currently enjoying an education heavily funded by tax dollars.


He went on to write that, "I enjoy watching the blood flow from the Western troops" and "when do I get to shoot a few Jews down. Why target the Americans when the Jews are better?"

He continues that a "mass casualty" attack in Canada would be, "fantastic and would get the job done".

And so on and so on. The Jews are the most evil people in the world and have to be killed, North American troops have to be slaughtered, Canadians have to pay, Islam is great, Muslims forever, blood, guts, suffering, more blood, more evil Jews, more dead Canadians.

Eerily similar to the writings of a Muslim extremist who was convicted last week in Britain for conducting an elaborate plot to kidnap a Muslim soldier serving in the British army and cut off his head. The murder was to be filmed and shown on the Internet.

That man and his gang will go to prison. Hossain likely will not even be prosecuted. Unlike journalists Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, currently facing numerous Human Rights Commission hearings. Levant's crime was reprinting cartoons implying a link between terrorism and militant Islam. Steyn's was to discuss Islamic ambitions and to quote various Muslim leaders calling for Islam to conquer Europe.

If young Hossain were unique it would be bad enough. He certainly isn't. Ask Tarek Fatah of the Canadian Muslim Congress, read the death-threat e-mail received by me and every other journalist who criticizes Islamic fundamentalism, ask Canadian author Irshad Manji, ask the families of those legions of people murdered in the name of Islam.

Don't, however, ask the Canadian establishment and the deniers in the media. These are the sorts of people who make painfully patronizing shows about little mosques in Western Canada telling non-Muslims that everything is fine apart from our intolerance. What a funny old country Canada has become.

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