Friday, February 1, 2008

Lionheart on LGF: When are people going to wake up and publicly stop this twisted maniac.

The British blogger and BNP supporter Lionheart has issued what sounds like another threat against Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.

In a post Friday, Lionheart begins writing about anti-semitism in his community and then gets sidetracked and again launches an assault on Johnson and LGF.

"Who needs enemies when you have twisted friends like those in America, that is not all Americans might I add because I do have some good friends now and each of you know who you are, but that is those who are out there damaging and destroying some good people and the good work they are doing against the Jihad being enforced upon our civilization - When are people going to wake up and publicly stop this twisted maniac."

Of course, Lionheart is wanted by police in the UK for something he wrote on his blog and has become a celebrated cause with some bloggers, who believe they are defending free speech. Johnson and others (including myself) believe Lionheart is a loose cannon and is not worthy of support, especially given the threat he made against Johnson after LGF noted his past ties to the white nationalist BNP.

So the man the some bloggers want us to rally around is now calling on someone to "publicly stop" Johnson.

So much for free speech.

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