Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lionheart the video

British blogger (and possible BNP propagandist) Lionheart is the subject of three new interview videos from an undisclosed location (with an unknown interviewer -- Guess Barbara Walters was busy) in America where he may seek asylum.

In the video Lionheart provides more details about the phone call he received from the police about the content on his blog. According to Lionheart, police have not told him what specifically on his blog is under investigation.

Those wishing to find out more details about Lionheart's threats against Charles Johnson of LGF or his ties to the BNP will be disappointed as the American asking him questions did not go into those details.

If you want answers to those questions, you should read this blogger who can't square Lionheart's pro-BNP pro-Israel circle.

What would you think of someone who says they're not anti-semitic but supports an anti-semitic party?

Suspicious? I definitely am.

. . .

Here are the 2 websites that Lionheart says he now supports
see LionHeart's deleted 'Vote BNP' post

The following quote is from the masthead of
"Enough Is Enough
It's time for leadership change in the British National Party. The internal management of the Party has been revealed to be fundamentally flawed and repeated calls for change have been ignored by the leader. Thus the only possible course of action to save the Party and secure a future for our people is to launch a leadership challenge. Enough is enough Nick, it's time to go!"

Note 'internal management' is their primary concern, secondly "Nick, it's time to go!".
So a shakeup in internal management and getting rid of Nick Griffin.
No condemnation of racism, no condemnation of the BNP's long history of anti-semitism.
It's not the policies they're bothered about, it's which ones to present to get them elected.

The following quote is from
"Where we stand
Voice of Change supports the policies of the BNP."

Need I say more?
This is a site explicitly supported by Lionheart.
"Voice of Change supports the policies of the BNP."
Lionheart supports
"Voice of Change supports the policies of the BNP."

Am I being unfair in putting these two together -

Lionheart supports the policies of the BNP.

Watch these videos through that lense before jumping on the Lionheart bandwagon.

Now in the videos, there's plenty of Lionheart going on about the Pakistani "invaders" who are pumping his community full of drugs, running cab "cartels," raping white women and killing his friends and family.

Lionheart claims he can't go back to Britain because Al-Qaeda wants to "kill" him and his government wants to put him in jail.

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