Monday, February 18, 2008

Ezra Levant's interrogator quits

First Syed Soharwardy dropped his complaint and now this.

Shirlene McGovern, the Alberta Human Rights Commission officer, who has become an international blogosphere villain after being seen in the videotaped interrogation of Ezra Levant, has resigned from the case.

Ezra Levant has more.

Shirlene McGovern, the "human rights officer" who interrogated me, has resigned from my case. The human rights commission advised my lawyer that McGovern quit because of the public backlash against the commission -- and against her in particular. In other words, she didn't like being called a censor in the blogosphere.

I'm not sympathetic. I believe that any government bureaucrat who makes a living interrogating citizens about their political beliefs ought to be held in public contempt. McGovern truly doesn't get it -- she thinks what she does for a living is perfectly bland, just like her.

I blame Iowahawk for causing McGovern to fold.

In other Levant-related news, he was a guest today on the vastly underrated Shire Network News radio program.

In that interview, Levant says Conservative MPs in Ottawa are not taking on this issue because they still live in fear of the 2004 election campaign when the party lost because the Liberals and the media successfully painted them as anti Charter of Rights primarily because a backbench MP was caught on tape saying "The heck with the courts, eh?"

The Conservatives it seems just can't get over that 2004 election. It's hard to blame them as the media bias was on full display trying to save Paul Martin.

Of course Levant revealing this (which is what I always suspected in a general sense) raises some doubts about the reports that MPs weren't speaking out because they feared for their safety from Islamic radicals.

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