Monday, February 18, 2008

Quietly and without much fanfare, the National Post publishes the Danish cartoons

Turns out the National Post became the first mainstream Canadian news outlet to publish one of the blasphemous Mohammed cartoons last week and nobody noticed.

Expect a human rights complaint real soon.

It was only one column-wide and was buried near the bottom of page two, but last Tuesday, the National Post joined the ranks of newspapers that dared to publish one of the controversial Muhammad cartoons. And compared to the widespread protests that greeted their initial publication in a Danish newspaper two years ago, few people seemed bothered this time.

As of Friday, only a handful of complaints have come in. Three times as many readers wrote in to congratulate us on running the cartoon showing Muhammad with a stick of dynamite in his turban.

"The decision to reproduce one of the caricatures of the Prophet is to be applauded," said Max Finucane, "although it should have happened two years ago when the fuss originally occurred."

"The Muhammad cartoon does not say that Muhammad or all Muslims carry such bombs," added Jiti Khanna. "It says that there are jihadi Muslims who use the Koran and the hadith to justify violence against those who oppose their political objectives … Muslims must work to educate their jihadis about joining the modern world of basic rights and freedoms in which political cartooning is a hard-won freedom." - Our electronic mail box was crammed with angry notes last Monday, following the publication of "The Love & Sex Issue" two days before.

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