Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Video: Irshad Manji welcomes death threats

This video interview of Irshad Manji has been on YouTube for two weeks and already has attracted death threats in the comments.

But Manji says she doesn't care.

Debate is great. So why has another part of this debate - a death threat leveled against me early on - suddenly been removed from the responses section?

Two weeks ago, senadin wrote “Kill this whore now.” View the PDF of this comment by clicking here: a_j_comments1.pdf. Hint: It’s on the second page.

Now that comment is gone. Who’s censoring and why?

Is it YouTube editors who fear the implications of letting death threats remain posted? If so, I gladly give them permission to restore the threat and I waive any liability on their part for doing so.

After all, it’s important for people to see that in the name of protecting Islam’s pristine image, some Muslims paradoxically feel comfortable soliciting murder. That’s called a reality check.

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