Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain campaign manager slams "pro-Obama media"

This was taken from a press gaggle on the campaign trail

Steve Schmidt (McCain campaign): I think what Brian, what Brian’s intent, I know what Brian’s intent to say was this: Is we won’t be intimidated by the Obama campaign or by a lot of the pro Obama media that disregards fact because they’re political inconvenient for Obama. Every ad that we put out, and I’m happy to set up a reading room and a table on any of these ads to go through his record. It’s factually accurate. For example, Barack Obama voted in the Senate for a tax increase budget resolution for people making 42,000 a year. That happened. In the space-time continuum that we all understand, all right, he made that vote. It happened. It’s real. On issue after issue we have represented his record in an accurate and a fair and in a fair way. Certainly, there is no symmetry between what the obama campaign is saying about john mccain particularly with this immigration ad, and you know many others with what we have said. We are talking about Senator Obama’s record. The ads are factual. And we will continue to talk about his record. And the fact that there is a lot of people in the media who when we criticize Obama rush forward with no hesitation at all to defend and protect him says something about the state of journalism in America, much more than it does about our campaign.

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