Friday, September 19, 2008

Rumoured Palin hacker lawyers up

As he should ....

The latest from the Nashville blogger who says she's friends' with David Kernell's father, Rep. Mike Kernell.

UPDATE; Sept 19, 5:01 PM. Just got off the phone with Mike Kernell, who is in Knoxville with his son, David, and they were headed out for dinner with David's lawyer. Law enforcement still has not contacted father or son. Beyond that, I'm done with updates, as I've been called names on other blogs for being one of the few people accurately reporting this story, and for that, I've been called a whore, an attention whore, a bitch, a liar, and other words I won't use.
I gave you the truth, and you had to be evil and cruel, like so many bloggers and especially anonymous bloggers are, and that's not okay. So wait and you'll eventually find out what really happened, but not from me.

But I want to be clear Mike Kernell is an honorable man who does not and will not lie, and whatever his son did or didn't do has nothing to do with Mike, and I stand behind Rep. Mike Kernell 100 percent. He is my friend, and his integrity is beyond reproach and I'm not taking anymore crap over reporting the truth and being accused of doing nothing more than spinning for a friend by people who don't know the first thing about reporting.

My friend, Mike, and his son, are two different issues. I will defend Mike to the death. I have no idea what his son did or didn't do, and neither do you.

This contradicts the wild rumour in Protein Wisdom's pub that Kernell had already been taken into custody.


Eric Dondero said...

Canadian Guy, isn't it interesting that this Sharon Cobb woman is a former correspondent for MSNBC and NBC with Tom Brokaw? That's a major part of this story in and of itself. Suggest a cover-up by the mainstream media, certainly at least NBC and MSNBC.

Canadian Guy said...

I don't see a cover-up.

I think the national media is just waiting for more solid information than the father admitting his son was the centre of Internet rumours.

ABC's website has a story. It does not use names, but does mention that the father is a Democrat.