Monday, January 14, 2008

Fred's Last Stand: Red truck stuck in fourth in new SC poll

The latest Rasumussen poll in South Carolina shows that former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson's debate performance last week, where he smacked down Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, has hurt the Huckster.

Huckabee is down five points from the pre-debate poll and Thompson is up four points. However, Thompson remains fourth in the race where he is making his last stand.

Election 2008: South Carolina GOP Primary
John McCain 28%

Mike Huckabee 19%

Mitt Romney 17%

Fred Thompson 16%

Rudy Giuliani 5%

Ron Paul 5%

Over at Fred's campaign he's trying to raise $1 million before midnight tonight.

He's at $952,000 with nine hours to go.
UPDATE: Fred's campaign is ecstatic with the new numbers and still hopeful of a victory next week.
UPPERDATE: Thompson's campaign has released a new, straightforward ad in South Carolina

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