Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ron Paul's fuzzy math

From the Daily Paul we learn today that 6 is bigger than 10.

Mitt Romney won the Michigan primary handily. So who were the other winners in Michigan? Can you say Ron Paul?

His 6% was in many ways bigger than the 10% he received in Iowa. It's not just the percentage, but the vote count - well over 50,000 came out to support Ron Paul. Michigan is the 8th most populated state in the US.

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89 said...

Actually he's right in the part you emphasize. "His 6% was in many ways bigger than the 10%" in Iowa. Indeed there are more people that voted in Michigan. What he "forgets" to mention is that the 94% who voted other than Paul in Iowa is much bigger than the 90% who voted other than Paul in Iowa.

I guess Paul supporters are just happy to see that there are actually live people out there in their campaign and that it wasn't just themselves and 30 other guys in a college plus a spambot from Florida.