Monday, January 14, 2008

Paulbot: Citizens should be thinking about reviving the citizen’s militia movement

You can't make this stuff up.

Today, at Ron Paul's Forums one of his supporters spoke about violent overthrow of the U.S. government.

After sobering up, the original poster took his comment down, but a quote of the whole comment was still up in one of the replies in the same thread.

Read this before they move this discussion to "Hot Topics" like they did when Don Black of Stormfront fame made a guest appearance.

Originally Posted by KMSimmons

When Ross Perot ran in 1992, many of us saw it as a last chance to save America. Whatever Perot’s shortcomings, he was a patriot and would not let them sell American down the river for some pie-in-the-sky “new world order.”

When Perot lost in 1992 and Clinton took office, I turned off the TV. I didn’t want to know what happened next. What did happen was that Clinton gave China most favored nation status, and signed NAFTA into law. The only things now made in the U.S. are cow patties and potato chips, and America is broke. Bush Jr. got into office (anything seemed better than Gore) and he signed CAFTA into law and “legislation” targeting a North American Union by 2010. Good bye American sovereignty!

16 years later and a whole lot of praying that God would raise up some leadership to save our country, and here comes Ron Paul. (God does answer prayer!) However, there is a whole lot more at stake in this election than the White House. If we lose, America is a gonner for sure.

With all that in mind, I made a post on the front page of DailyPaul asking whether citizens should be thinking about reviving the citizen’s militia movement. I knew the word “militia” would get a lot of attention and it did. And it should. We better take a realistic view of what is ahead and not hide our heads in the sand like so many of us did 16 years ago. Be that as it may, I should not have used the word “militia” in a front page post as it gives our enemies a handle to paint us as kooks. And for that I ask your forgiveness.

I hate violence and think those that talk violence are abhorrent and irresponsible. Even so, sometimes that is the patriot’s only recourse. In this country we have three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. Each is guaranteed by law, and each put there for our protection.

The time is now – Let’s use the ballot box to elect Ron Paul, so we never have to use the other two. Send that extra $100 in today! This may be our last chance.

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