Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paulbot Theatre: Episode One: "They Control the Public Water Treatment Plants"

Today, on Paulbot Theatre we look at the writings of steve005. Steve is the average American boy who has average American concerns, such as the control of the public water treatment plants, John McCain's blog police and giving aid to Israel. He enjoys watching films about Henry Kissinger when he needs a good scare.

He dreams of one day escaping to an earthship.

If you've been to a store, school or around his house, he's probably approached you to tell you about how Ron Paul is the only man who can save America and the world.

He's tried to convince his family to support Ron Paul, but they think he's a conspiracy theorist. Those bastards! It's not their fault, though. Steve005 believes "they" (whoever "they" are) have infiltrated his family.

Steve gets bonus points for using the CAPS LOCK feature five times in this post.

Today, 09:49 PM

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Scared and Depressed About Future

The way this country is headed and therefore the world, just makes me sick!

I have always been opposed to giving aid to all these countries, inc. isreal, when I first saw Ron Paul I loved his messege and knew right away he is our only hope left, I go out and tell everyone I can find, at school, around my house, stores, etc. etc.

The thing that scares me is what we are up against, the ones who want a global system are so determined, and they control the army, air force, navy, and public water treatment plants just to name a few. they are SO ADVANCED that not only is this going to be an uphill battle but it will be a sheer rock cliff, with no rope, and they are always right behind. now I hear mccain has a war on blogs. pretty soon the only websites with blogs, or comments, will be large companies that can afford to pay someone to monitor every post, this will give them the upper hand because there will be a lot less blogs for them to monitor and unfluence with their trolls.

They are so advanced that my whole family now thinks I'm a "CONSPIRICY THEORIST", The one thing that just makes my blood boil is the fact that I can't even get my dad and brother to even consider RP as a serious candidate, I just want to scream right now, they infiltrated MY FAMILY, they have plans for the future, I saw a video the other day with henry kissinger talking, IT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME! in the begining of my support for RP I thought there was hope;now all I want to do is find a small group of like minded individuals and find the most remote place on the planet that is warm and just move there and build earthships(self-sustainable housing made from tires and other recyclablescan someone PLEEEASE either set me straight or agree that it would be better to go

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