Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Video: Paultards Confront Frank Luntz

Here's a first-hand look at how the Paultards win the hearts and minds of their detractors.

This video appears to be taken after the Fox News debate in New Hampshire last week that excluded Ron Paul.

Or as the Paultard who produced this video puts it. "What you are about to see is Frank Luntz the Fox News "pollster" exposing himself as being a complete propagandist and CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] dirt bag, war drum-beating LIAR!"

(My how those Paultards love their CAPS LOCK)

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Yiddish Steel said...

F*&$in' Retards; every one of them. I love that "We are the Republican Party" line that one of those sphintcter muscles uttered. It's just more proof that the Ron Paul Supporters are nothing more than the minions of the fringes of the left and right meeting every day at happy hour for cocktails.