Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ron Paul Supports Bobby Fischer, Attacks Jesse Jackson and Alan Greenspan

The New Republic has posted more of its discoveries from Ron Paul's controversial newsletters.

They are the usual rants on blacks, gays, jews and a collection of conspiracy theories.

Here are the highlights.

Bobby Fischer

The November 1992 Ron Paul Survival Report defends chess champion and Holocaust-denier Bobby Fischer, saying that "the brilliant Fischer, who has all the makings of an American hero, is very politically incorrect on Jewish questions, for which he will never be forgiven, even though he is a Jew. Thus we are not supposed to herald him as the world's greatest chess player."

First World Trade Centre bombing

In the April 1993 Ron Paul Survival Report, the author--writing in the first person--states, "Whether [the 1993 World Trade Center bombing] was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly a retaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little." The newsletters also warns readers to "do your very best to keep your family away from inner cities. If you can't, have a haven remote from the metropolitan areas."

Henry Kissinger (or as the Paulbots would say, Dr. Henry Kissinger)

A fundraising letter from Paul's 1984 Senate campaign in which Paul complains about the "minions of Kissinger and Rockefeller" and "the big New York banks, and their pals in Texas" who "want me silenced."

Jesse Jackson

In an article entitled "The Coming Race War," The Ron Paul Political Report refers to the "pro-communist philanderer Martin Luther King" and refers to his "non-violent approach" as "(i.e., state violence)." The newsletter advises that, "if there is any issue the Republicans have in their favor for the next presidential election, it is the question of race. It was all over for Michael Dukakis when Jesse Jackson gave his awful prime-time speech at the last Democratic convention, and the cameras focused on masses of teary-eyed, left-wing blacks."

Over at Ron Paul Forums, the Paulbots are again defending the newsletters.

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The comments in most of those letters aren't untrue, they're just ROUGH language. Plus they were written at a time before 'Political Correctness' had us in the same death grip that it does today. He is not going to give us anymore than he's already said about these letters beyond repeating himself. A white person critisizing non-whites may be a thought crime today but it was not then, and it does not mean that you don't still care about people of other races. Ron Paul is not a white supremist, he cares about all of our individual liberty, including but not limited to, white peoples'.

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